Spyder Bore BladeTM

Plunge cut through gypsum board without rattling your teeth. With its rounded tip and a double-edged blade for multidirectional cuts, the Spyder Bore-BladeTM reciprocal saw attachment will save you time and make your job easier.


  • Fits all reciprocating saws
  • Double-edge blade allows multi-directional cuts without flipping your saw over
  • Rounded tip with teeth allows plunge cuts and eliminates the need for pilot holes
  • Made from 1.23 mm thick bi-metal steel
  • Available in 6”, 8” and 10” lengths
  • All lengths available with three different TPI configurations on the top and bottom of the blade
  • 7 TPI top/7 TPI bottom – wood
  • 10 TPI top/7 TPI bottom – general purpose/wood
  • 14 TPI top/10 TPI bottom – metal/general purpose

Which blade is best for your project?

X X   wood
X X   drywall
X X   vinyl
    X metal
X X   laminate
  X X wood with nails
  X X fiberglass
    X metal pipe
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  • Awards

    A “Top Pick” of home improvement expert Danny Lipford
    (2011 International Builders Show)

    Seal of Approval
    (2011 Handyman Club of America)

    New Product Launch of the Year – Honorable Mention
    (2011 International Builders Show)

    What people are saying

    “With the rounded tip, I was able to start cuts easily right through hardwood floors without drilling starting holes.”
    Keith M.

    “These blades made short work of everything that I wanted to cut.”
    Chris W.

    “The convenience of not having to change blades or turn blades over to keep working is outstanding.”
    Thomas B.

    “Often, obtaining the best cutting angle requires turning the saw to an awkward position, but these blades keep you safely in control.”
    Larry S.

    “Well worth the price.”
    Jody R.